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Transforming the way leaders and teams learn and work together to impact nature and people

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What is Design?

Design is a human-centered approach to solve problems.

What is a Pathway?

A pathway is an iterative roadmap to achieve a specific result.

Our Why

Our purpose is to impact people and nature through the power of learning and design.

The best leaders and highest performing teams are life-long learners. With growing threats to our planet, this is the time for environmental and conservation leaders to invest in themselves and their teams; to learn, grow, and evolve.

However, they are working in high-intensity, low-resource, and remote environments to fight against climate change, deforestation, and biodiversity loss caused by human behavior. It is difficult to commit the time, money, emotional bandwidth, and energy into their personal and professional development. Unfortunately, there are limited opportunities for mid- to late-career leaders. They want new skills and support beyond the early-career training they received in project management and fundraising. 

The stakes are too high for organizations to rely on learning through trial and error. They are looking for impactful and affordable learning opportunities to solve real-world complex leadership and conservation challenges today.

We believe design is critical for environmental and conservation leaders because it...

  • Helps us understand what shapes human behavior

  • Strengthens teams to collaborate and get unstuck

  • Unlocks new ways of thinking and doing to see faster results
What We Do 

Our work leverages private sector expertise and real-world experience to help leaders and teams uncover gaps in their thinking and behavior, gain new insights, and achieve breakthroughs. We offer virtual and in-person learning programs to help organizations of any size anywhere master skills in Leadership, Culture Design, and Behavior Design.  

Transform Program

6-week cohort-based leadership program and coaching to build skills in well-being, stress management, and more

Upskill Program

2-hour public or private leadership workshops to upskill in goal setting, storytelling, and more

Culture Design Program

To survey your team, design your organizational culture, and improve your communications

Behavior Design Program

To apply Behavior Design models and methods and change environmentally harmful human behavior

Let's have a conversation to explore what's possible!
Custom Leadership Program

To survey your team and gain skills such as time management and feedback in leadership workshops

Custom Gathering

To gather for a team retreat, meeting, conference session, or holiday party that aligns with your culture and needs

Who We Are

Our team combines design, conservation, and leadership expertise. We are united by our shared passion to help leaders and teams transform the way they learn and work together.

Hi, my name is Amy! I am the Founder and Learning Experience Designer at Design Pathways.
Amy Clanin
Founder, Learning Design
Hi, my name is E.J.! I am the Chief Development Officer at BirdLife International.
E.J. McAdams
Advisor, Fundraising
Hi, my name is Katie! I am an Executive Sales Coach at Google.
Katie O'Malley
Advisor, Sales
Hi, my name is Rhett! I am the Founder and CEO at Mongabay.
Rhett Butler
Advisor, Conservation
Hi, my name is Pradeep! I am a Venture Growth Director at Rippleworks.
Pradeep Suthram, MBA
Advisor, Leadership Coaching
Hi, my name is Karen! I am retired and was the CEO at Island Conservation.
Karen Poiani, Ph.D.
Advisor Emeritus, Conservation
Our Values

Design Pathways’ values serve as a compass for our actions and reflect what matters to us.


Face challenges with hopefulness and confidence about the future


Work together and support each other as an open and caring team


Leverage our originality to design one-of-a-kind learning experiences


Empower each other to learn and bring out the best in ourselves to drive greater impact


Recognize and celebrate our wins and failures as our teacher

Our Story

We help leaders and teams transform the way they learn and work together to impact nature and people.

Let's Work Together

We customize our learning programs to meet your highest needs and set you up for success.

Support Us

Your generosity will equip organizations with skills to help fight climate change and biodiversity loss.