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from our amazing Transform graduates!

'Transform led my teammates and I to a place where we can be more open and vulnerable with each other. The beauty of this program is that it helped us to look at things we hide under rocks and be more honest with ourselves. As Co-Leads of Transform, Amy and Pradeep are a dynamic duo who are approachable, energetic, and great at making complex things simple. The exercises were easy to do and highly effective in helping me diagnose and solve my leadership challenges like multitasking and having tough conversations with my direct reports. I feel ready and motivated by the new tools I know that I can go back to and reuse.'

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Rebecca Benner, Ph.D.

Managing Director for Climate Programs for the Global Climate Change Team, The Nature Conservancy

'I loved everything about Transform. The program is like a bootcamp and perfect for busy leaders like myself. It helped me be more self-aware of who I am as a leader. I was really impressed by the usefulness of the content and surprised by how much Transform made me feel supported. It was a very powerful and joyful experience. If you’re a leader, you should not hesitate to join.'

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Sarah Otterstrom, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Paso Pacifico

'What I learned in Transform blew my mind. I didn’t expect to walk away completely changed. I am proud of the new me. The design of this program is very unique and special. Small, immediate changes every week led to a big impact in my happiness, productivity, and confidence to lead my team. Transform is an investment that keeps on giving. I will carry these skills with me every day for the rest of my life.'

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Terence Fuh Neba

Project Manager, World Wildlife Fund

'Transform held up a mirror to be my best self and the best leader I can be. It gave me the opportunity to reflect, uncover blindspots, and gain clarity. The program is smart, well thought out, and the personal touch is incredible. It was a dynamic experience and breath of fresh air that I always looked forward to every week. If you want to level up your leadership, Transform will take you there.'

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Rachel Wadsworth

Vice President, Institutional Advancement, American Rivers

'Transform was a thought-provoking, warm, whole body experience where my teammates and I felt like we were being cradled along the learning journey in every session. The program gave me an amazing sense of camaraderie and support that I was missing. When I joined Transform, I felt stuck. It was very rewarding to be able to learn with my teammates and receive their advice on my challenges. In 6 weeks, I made a lot of progress. I developed an awareness of how asking for feedback and help can lead to more collaboration. I took away methods and tools to continue practicing and nurturing a culture of innovation. I found new inspiration, drive, and excitement about what’s coming next in my career at TNC. I now have more confidence in developing myself and helping others grow.'

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Jennifer Chin

Director of Conservation Innovation, The Nature Conservancy

'Transform was a journey of change that pushed me to reflect and engage my team better. When I joined, I wanted to improve my leadership skills in time management and team culture design and that’s exactly what the program helped me do. The program was a very positive experience and well worth the investment. If you’re a conservation leader, seize the opportunity to join Transform. You won’t regret it!'

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Adam Henson

Conservation Director, Wild Earth Allies

'I was really impressed by how quickly Amy and Pradeep were able to read the room and create a safe space for my team and I to show up and be vulnerable with each other. That’s not easy to do! During the program, there was a light bulb that went off in my head around managing my calendar and schedule. I am proud that I have taken action to design and solve for it. I feel more in control over my time than before. Transform planted a seed in me and my teammates that will lead to lasting growth.'

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Liz Smith, Ph.D.

Lead Scientist, Economics and Social Science, The Nature Conservancy

'Typical online courses drain your motivation and energy with recorded videos and assignments. Transform sessions are personalized, meaningful, and fill you with energy. The program challenged me and changed how I think and manage my team. The skills I gained helped me strengthen my relationships, increase my team’s performance, and will serve me in all aspects of my life. Transform is the whole package and one of the best decisions I ever made.'

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Lesly Akenji

Technical Advisor, African Wildlife Foundation

'I didn’t expect to learn so much about myself. That was a surprise and it was the best thing about Transform. It was a deep and personal experience that helped me understand my strengths and build my skills in self-management. The learning environment was like nothing I have ever experienced. Transform created a safe and creative space for my teammates and I to play and share our challenges. It was nice to take off our “professional” masks and show up as our authentic selves. This program would benefit any conservation leader!'

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Rebecca Shirer

Lead Scientist, Analysis and Planning, The Nature Conservancy

'Transform helped me gain practical new skills and insights that really made a difference. I feel more energized, focused, and equipped to bring more of myself to my team. As conservationists, we are not trained in leadership. If you lead people, you need Transform.'

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Susan Cheyne, Ph.D.

Co-Director, Borneo Nature Foundation

'As leaders, it’s easy to say that we’re too busy and we don’t have time, but it’s important to realize that learning and development is part of our job. I am really happy that I prioritized my growth and joined Transform. The program opened my eyes to what leadership really means and helped me define my own leadership style. I learned a lot and feel better equipped to bring out the best in my team.'

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Stephanie Fennessy

Executive Director, Giraffe Conservation Foundation

'The name of this leadership program is appropriate because it truly is transformative. It was an emotionally rich learning experience and every session was a gift. It enabled me to be really thoughtful and introspective in a core way that crossed life, not just work. That was hard but it felt good and it gave me practical bite-sized behaviors to act on my learnings and reflections. The most useful skill I took away was habit design. The program helped me prioritize my well-being by designing and practicing new habits, which improved my cognitive function at work. Amy and Pradeep are deeply kind and encouraging with insightful guidance. They genuinely supported our whole selves and that was really empowering.'

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Kristin E. France, Ph.D.

Lead Scientist, Management and Collaboration, The Nature Conservancy

'I am a new me! This is thanks to Transform. The experience pushed me to look from within and it challenged the boundaries that I created for myself. Each session helped me to be more calm and reflective, gain greater self-awareness, and change the way I work. My colleagues were telling me to slow down, but Transform enabled me to actually do it. The program helped me do things I couldn't do before. There was a quick and radical shift. It is one of the best things that has happened to me.'

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Makoma Lekalakala, supported by Goldman Environmental Foundation

Director, Earthlife Africa

'I have participated in other programs before, but Transform was exceptional. I loved the experience! It made me a better leader and person in life. The program was very useful and practical and I really enjoyed the fun aspect. It integrated well into the flow of my daily work and helped me to manage myself and my time, resolve conflicts, and be more influential as a leader. I am refreshed and empowered to fulfill my mission.'

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Chibeze Ezekiel, supported by Goldman Environmental Foundation

Executive Coordinator and Co-Founder, Strategic Youth Network for Development and 350 Ghana Reducing our Carbon

'The Transform learning program was excellent and I would do it again. It is not prescriptive like traditional courses. It is very versatile, embedding, and collective. Amy and Pradeep’s personalities and human-centered approach are an integral part of the journey. They put you at the center of the learning experience, create space for you to be vulnerable, and help you deeply get to know the other leaders in your cohort. This left me feeling safe and alive. And that’s the thing I liked the most. It was very practical to everyday life, not just leadership. From the first session to the last one, you could see the dots connecting. If you’re thinking of joining Transform, prepare for the extraordinary!'

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Ikal Angelei, supported by Goldman Environmental Foundation

Director, Friends of Lake Turkana

'Transform was amazing and life-changing. I do not have words to express how perfectly the program is designed. Everything was relevant and useful. Improving my skills in delegation had the biggest impact on me and my work. It saved me a lot of my time and gave me a new sense of freedom. My team shared that they felt and saw a difference in my motivation at work. On a personal level, I lost weight and feel much lighter and more energetic. Amy and Pradeep are empathetic and compassionate people who take care of you and adapt to your needs along the journey. I am eternally grateful for the profound effect this experience has had on my life.'

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Ana Colovic Lesoska, supported by Goldman Environmental Foundation

Executive Director, Eko-svest (Eco-sense)

'Transform was a fantastic and very valuable experience. The program was well-designed and I appreciated the friendly atmosphere. It also came at exactly the right time I needed it as I was building my nonprofit. I wanted to be strong and confident and I feel that now. I know myself more and I learned how to better manage myself, my time, and my relationships. I am fulfilled and ready to take my leadership and organization forward.'

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Kimiko Hirata, supported by Goldman Environmental Foundation

Executive Director, Climate Integrate

'Transform was a thought-provoking and enlightening learning experience. The beauty of the program is that you learn by doing. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on my weaknesses and gain new tools at a time when I knew I needed to grow as a leader. I considered myself a master at time management, but I learned a lot more and improved my skills in this area. I also became more self-aware and deliberate in listening and providing feedback to my team at work. The new habits that I practiced became automatic and helped me to be happier, balanced, and centered in life.'

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Von Hernandez, supported by Goldman Environmental Foundation

Global Coordinator, Break Free From Plastic

'When I joined Transform, I didn’t know if the program would give me what I needed, but it was far more comprehensive than I expected. I applied what I learned in my work and at home with my family. The program helped me to create balance in my life. It also increased my focus, my trust in delegating, and my ability to prioritize tasks at work. In sessions, I felt like I was among friends. I knew that I could openly share without judgment. Between sessions, I received kind and personalized one-on-one support. I feel very lucky to have participated in Transform, along with fellow Goldman Environmental Prize winners.'

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Tuy Sereivathana, supported by Goldman Environmental Foundation

Cambodia Program Director, Wild Earth Allies

'Transform was super! I loved what I learned in the program. It was sometimes small, but the impact was so big. The live and interactive sessions were perfect for me because they made me more committed and focused and the learning experience more happy and enjoyable. Transform was a very important and inspirational journey for me to understand and solve my leadership challenges in self-management and time management. I am grateful for the opportunity.'

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Rudi Putra, supported by Goldman Environmental Foundation

Founder, Leuser Conservation Forum

'I knew Transform would be profound, but I didn’t realize it would create a powerful shift in me. The program is in-depth with a lovely, personalized touch. Throughout the six weeks, I felt seen, accompanied, and nourished. It’s magical how everything comes together like a recipe for leadership. There’s something about the way Amy and Pradeep impart knowledge and create space for learning. They gently held me accountable and made me realize that transformation is possible with the right set of tools and support.'

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Francesca de Gasparis

Executive Director, Southern African Faith Communities' Environment Institute (SAFCEI)

'Transform was a life-changing experience. It made me a lot more confident. I loved the journey of self-discovery and light bulb moments. The space to be vulnerable and connect with teammates in my cohort during sessions was huge. The program challenged us to acknowledge things we needed to change and pushed us out of our comfort zones to help us grow. We became more open in our communications and understanding of our similarities and differences. Amy and Pradeep’s experience, insights, and guidance was invaluable.'

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Robyn Schraibman

Finance Manager, Food & Trees for Africa

'The best way to describe Transform is forward moving. It had a really good pace and surpassed my expectations. Before I joined Transform, I watched TED Talks and nothing changed. In contrast, this program helped me set realistic learning goals and gave me the practical content and tools to achieve them. I also appreciated how Amy and Pradeep’s loving, warm, and gentle approach always made me feel included and supported.'

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Robyn Hills

Head of Programs, Food & Trees for Africa

'Transform was empowering and the 6 weeks just flew by! This is not your average cookie cutter online course. The program is very well designed and the tools are incredibly useful. All the exercises have a purpose and there’s intent behind everything. It’s a carefully crafted and thoughtful learning journey that is eye-opening and equips you with everything you need to design for your leadership challenges. I will never forget this experience.'

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Kate Sheldon

Operations Manager, Food & Trees for Africa

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